Body Composition Testing at AAC on January 13th

Body composition testing using the BOD POD will be held at sister club Annapolis Athletic Club (AAC) on January 13th between 8 am – 11 am.The BOD POD is the safest and most subject-friendly of all methods used to assess body composition. There are none of the risks associated with underwater submersion, no x-rays, no electrical current, and no pinching. The unique egg-shape of the BOD POD is designed to accommodate a wide variety of human shapes and sizes and is used routinely by NFL teams and professional athletes.

During testing, the subject just sits comfortably inside the BOD POD, yielding reinforcing and detailed test results complete with  graphs providing information vital to/for an effective fitness program and the proper monitoring of that program.
Email Nicole Johnston at AAC to sign up for a time slot.  $60 for the session.

Get a true test of your body health!

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