Personal Training

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Our professional, knowledgeable and competent professionals at Edgewater Fitness strive to provide goal-specific program design for optimal results. We provide accurate assessments and have extensive experience developing and modifying exercises in a safe and effective manner that is adaptable to any client.

In a field like personal training, certifications can be obtained quite easily online or through a weekend workshop.  It is critical to the clients’ wellbeing that trainers are certified through accredited organizations such as NASM.   The personal trainers at Edgewater Fitness boast the top credentials recognized and respected industry wide.  Each training staff member must be certified by either NASM or ACE.  Several Edgewater Fitness trainers possess multiple certifications – some with high level specializations.

Meet Our Trainers

Individuals are far more successful in reaching their goals when the specificity of the goal is considered in exercise programming.  Both short term and long term training packages are available and there are payment options as well.

Each member at Edgewater Fitness is entitled to two complimentary sessions with a personal trainer as part of their membership.  These sessions are packed with valuable information that will surely get you started on your journey to fitness.  Stop by the Member Service Desk to schedule your first session!

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