Empower M.E. Instructions

If you have already set up your account, click here to open the Empower M.E. portal.

To activate your Empower M.E. Member Portal you will need your Member ID number located on the reverse side of your membership ID card. You can also email info@edgewaterfit.com to request your ID number.

Setting Up Your Account

Click here to open the Empower M.E. portal.

Once you have opened the portal login, enter your member ID number in both the Username and Password space.

You will now be prompted to update your account by choosing a new password. In the Current Password space, enter your member ID number. Then enter your new password and confirm it to check that the passwords match.

Once you have entered your new password twice, click Save. You can now view the Empower M.E. portal.

You can now view the Empower M.E. portal.

Enrolling in a Class

To view all the group fitness classes and sign up, click “My Activities” on the left side of the screen.

Filter classes based on the date with the calendar function.

Choose your class, then click “Sign Up” in the bottom right corner of the class pop-up.

You will be redirected to the following screen. Click “Continue.”

Once you receive this confirmation receipt, you are signed up for the class! You should also receive an email confirmation.

Canceling a Class Reservation

If you need to cancel a class reservation, click “My Calendar.”

If you are registered for a class, a red dot will appear on the calendar date. Click the red dot to pull up the class.

Click “Unenroll” in the bottom right corner.

Once you see a confirmation, you have successfully unenrolled in the class.