Class Descriptions

Group Classes

Les Mills BodyPump: The original barbell class that strengthens your entire body by using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition. This 60 minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups.
Bootcamp: An interval training class that mixes calisthenics and body weight exercises with cardio and strength training. With a new workout every week, these classes are designed to push participants harder than they’d push themselves and to always keep the body guessing.
Cycle: Bring your cycle workout indoors for climbs, sprints, and much more. Cycle is great way to slim down, tone your legs, and burn calories fast! No experience needed. This class offers a great workout for all participants.
HIIT High Intensity Interval Training: This cross training class uses weights for a fun workout to improve muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness.
Barre: Barre incorporates the principles of ballet style movements, entirely on the floor. Participants will perform the exercises flat, lying on the side, prone and seated. The exercises are often sequenced together to form a short routine.  The class is perfect for those looking to include stretching, strength training, and core work in to their training regimen.Using just your body weight, Insanity uses varying intensities to get your heart rate up and to build serious muscle. It’s a great “on-the-go” workout as most classes are only 30 minutes long.
Pilates: Improve your posture and develop core control, which is the ability to move effectively and efficiently by transmitting force form the body’s center. Pilates-evolved exercises coordinate breathing with co-contractions of the deep abdominal, pelvic floor, and spinal muscles.
Les Mills Sprint: LES MILLS SPRINT™ is a 30-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, using an indoor bike to achieve fast results. …
The 30 minutes you put into a LES MILLS SPRINT workout drives your body to burn calories for hours. … HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING (HIIT) ON A BIKE.
Treading: Tired or bored with the treadmill? A coach leads you through a sequence of drills: intervals, hills, sprints and more. Get ready for a great cardiovascular workout that builds endurance and burns calories.
Tread & Sculpt: Set up like our tread class with an added twist of a 30-minute full body strength training sequence. 
Zumba: This class fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away.