Meet Brooke!

BrookeWe are proud to announce the promotion of Brooke Long as Edgewater Fitness’s General Manager! In an effort to learn more about the woman behind the scenes, we sat down with Brooke to learn more about her relationship with fitness and how it influences the way she serves the Edgewater Fitness community.

Congratulations on your promotion! When did your career with Edgewater Fitness start and how long have you been involved in the fitness industry?

Thank you so much! I started my career with Edgewater Fitness a little over 4 years ago but have always loved this industry. I have a background in Health, Fitness, & Exercise as well as personal training.

What does living a healthy lifestyle mean to you? How do you practice wellness in your personal life?

From my point of view, living a healthy lifestyle means feeling good from the inside out! Staying consistent with my workouts 3 or 4 days a week not only helps reduce my stress levels, but also gives me more energy/mental clarity throughout the day. I also really enjoy cooking, and love coming up with new healthy meal ideas!

How has the public health crisis changed how you view fitness in your community?

Navigating through the public health crisis this year has really helped support my personal views on health and wellness in the community. I think stressing the importance of staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical now more than ever.

What has being general manager taught you about running a community-facing business?

Ensuring the safety and happiness of our members has been no easy task especially in the midst of a pandemic. Balancing customer satisfaction along with implementing new safety protocols to keep our members as safe as possible throughout this time has definitely been a challenge. However, I am staying very hopeful that things will begin to look up as we move into the new year and believe that we will come out of these strange times even stronger than we were before!

What goals do you have for yourself in the upcoming year?

I hope to stick to a regular sleep schedule, incorporate more stretching and yoga into my workout regimen each weekend, and read more books!

What are you most looking forward to for Edgewater Fitness in 2021?

I am most looking forward to getting back to a new sense of normalcy in the club where our members feel safe returning to, and are able to fully enjoy their workout experience.